May 23, 2007 at 6:05 pm (events, Party Gurl, Rico Suave, school stuff)


sorry this hasnt come sooner but ive been way too busy for my own good! you’d think being a teenager is all fun and dandy,  just full of house parties and countless hours wasted in front of the tv; but that’s not the case when you have a job (the real job, not the secret job)!! anyway, i did get to break away from the working world a couple of weeks ago and i went to my prom. it was at this beautiful hotel here, the Sheraton Cresent. sadly i didnt have a date so i went with Party Gurl and Rico Suave!! my dress was white with black polka dots, it fell right above the knee and had this fishnet lace thingy at the botton to make the dress all poofy! (wow i sure do have a way with words huh!! lol!) there was black lace around the upper stomach area that wrapped around to the back as well. it had one inch thick straps (dont dig the strapless). and my hair was in a million curls of all different sizes. i know that sounds kind of weird but i actually looked cute!! my shoes were all blinged out and the matched my “beyonce bling” i had on my wrist and around my neck!! but let me tell you five minutes into the dance those puppies were OFF!!!!  lol!!!!

i had alot of fun but i wouldnt have minded better music though. i mean the only music djs play at dances is mostly rap. and our prom was no exception!! but this rap wasnt the okay-this-has-a-beat-i-can-follow-without-looking-like-the-hoochies-in-the-videos rap. no this was the type of rap music that sounds like they are speaking in tongues for the holy ghost, except with every curse word you could think of! the kind of songs that you can dance to in your car but when you stand up, your feet have no idea whats going on!!! 😀 needless to say i didnt dance as much as i wanted to. but when i did dance…I GOT DOWN!!! LOL!!!!  no one really expects that from the “innocent girl” but as you and me both know….im not that innocent!!! overall the prom was hot, sweaty, crowded, but it was the most fun ive had in a while!!!


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