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Celise Downs was born, and currently makes her home, in Phoenix, AZ. Her love of writing began in the 7th grade as a way to dispel recess boredom. Her talent was further encouraged by a high school English teacher. She considers her novels to be about the high school experience with a dash of intrigue. “There’s the normal stuff that teenagers go through, like acne, peer pressure, and angst over the opposite sex,” she says. “Then there’s the not-so-normal, unexpected stuff. I happen to like writing about both.” Her first book, Secrets and Kisses (Gemini Mojo Press), came out in March 2004 and was quickly followed up with Dance Jam Productions (Gemini Mojo Press) in September 2004. She’s currently working on a YA series about a 16-yr-old African-American girl with a secret job.

A member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (as well as a committee member for her local chapter) and National Association of Women’s Writers, she also likes to encourage and support creative talent in youth and is currently a mentor in the Little Owl Mentoring Program.

Celise shares her home with her husband and a talkative Tabby cat named Sweetpea. When she’s not writing, she’s devouring adult romance books, watching T.V., and going to the movies.

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