I Spy Fridays: Spy Tricks

August 3, 2007 at 6:28 pm (I Spy Friday)


fake names.

 sometimes spies use fake names. these fake names might be code names, so that nobody will know their real name. Other times real names are used, but not by the right people. when i  post here, you’ll notice that i dont use real names for people that i talk about: Party Gurl, GQ, Chief, Irish, etc. no, they’re not spies. get real. but technically i am one and im trying to protect their identities, so i give them nicknames.

now, in the first book, i had to do some on-site research that had to do with interviewing a person. so instead of using my own name (cuz i had to keep everything on the DL), i used a real one: lois kent.

okay, so maybe its a combo of lois lane and clark kent, but it could really be someones name. for reals. i mean, using lois lane would’ve been too obvious.

if you were a spy and had to use a fake name, what would it be?


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