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July 30, 2007 at 7:04 pm (A Royale Pain, A Whole Latte Trouble, Book One, book stuff, Book Two, celise downs, life in general, school stuff, The Job, The Other Job)


oh. snap. july 8. not a memorable date that, just the last time i posted is all. its The Other Job. The one I have watching OPC (Other People’s Children). im looking into getting another job. in retail again, just never @ Charlie’s Muse. even though the discount was pretty sweet, no job is worth all the drama i had to wade thru @ that place. CA-RA-ZY.

the writing is going well for celise. the second part of her deadline is coming up at the end of august. i think she’s on chapter 6 right now. not bad, huh? i told you i was going to keep a lighter nearby. i havent had to burn any romance books yet. darn. or any butt hairs, for that matter. duble darn. shes made some comments about a new blog skin for my home here. im looking forward to that. i hope ill get some input in the design. i have a good eye for stuff like that, y’know.

she recently decided to make her monthly author newsletter a quarterly newsletter because she says she has nothing “worthy” to say on a monthly basis anymore. to her, it seems like the news never changes (except for the special annoucements and her event reminders).  the first round of agent queries went the way of the dinosaur. it sucked, to put it mildly. she stalled out at 41 rejections, 13 requests for partials and fulls, and 32 waiting to hear back from first contact. it’s been as dry as the desert we live in (although we’ve been getting rain like nobodys business lately) as far as responses go. the last email she got was the 41st rejection. on her bday. back in june! i dont know if thats like a bad omen or something.

shes a bit bummed, but shes not going to fall into a deep depression, either. (thank god, because she needs to finish the first draft of book 2 by nov 1). she said that shes going to concentrate on getting book 1 rewritten and then submit–and resubmit again–next year. as the aussie’s would say, “good on you, author lady.” chin up and all that rot.

school will be starting back up soon. on my b-day. whoo-hoo. and i say that with mega sarcasm. its going to get even more hectic (its not like The Real Job is going to go away any time soon), but im gonna try to post at least 3 times a week.

mon, wed, fri.

yeah. ill see how that works.

cmon, come in. im on the case.


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I Spy Fridays: Snitch Tip

July 8, 2007 at 10:12 am (I Spy Friday)


 since i bailed on friday a couple of weeks ago, i’ll give you two tips today. 

#2 take notes. i know, i know. you do enough of this in school, right? but all good snitches take notes. at least, the ones who work for agencies with three letters do. its called “writing reports”, and no, i dont mean like a book report or something. higher ups want to know what youre doing. especially if theyre paying you to do it. and you gotta cover your be-hind, so you need to carry around a small notebook with you at all times. and if youre a high school student, that should be no problem because you do that on a daily basis anyway.

# 11 keep your eyes and ears open.  as you know, this is called eavesdropping. well, at least the part about keeping your ears open, that is. keeping your eyes open is just about making sure youre aware of your surroundings at all times. if anything seems out of the ordinary, write it down. or tell someone of authority. if the something suspicious is coming from someone of authority then run like hell in the other direction. because youre screwed.

 cmon, come in. im on the case

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