new job

June 7, 2007 at 6:06 pm (life in general, The Job, The Other Job)


okay so you may or may not know but i got a new job at a daycare. no, not The Job (ya know, the one with The Company?), just The Other Job. i had to get away from the manager and the other fluffball employees at charlies muse. i was afraid i was going to turn into one of them: a giggling, gum-chewing, fluffball who only cares about what outfits shes going to buy with her store discount. ugh. so not me. the only fashion i need to know is that i can wear baby phat jeans because they were made for people like me. so, yea i know watching other peoples’ kiddies can be a hassle but its actually quite entertaining!!!  well not at first because on my first day my co-worker, EX-Blonde, totally had a melt down on me and i had no idea what to do!!! so we were cleaning up for the night when out of no where she starts bawling!!!

 “what the heck is wrong with this basketcase??” those were my first thoughts and then next thing i know she has her arms wrapped around me and is sobbing  into my shoulder!!! “um…” those were my exact words. i didnt even know this girls name!!!!! and she must have been able to read my mind because she started apologizing for being such a basket case!! she was saying something about how she hates this job and she wants a cigarette or something. i could barely understand her between the loud crying and the fact that she was still holding on to me. can we say awkward moment, boys and girls??!! 

and no one could save me because it was just the two of us ALONE in the room… um yea. eventually she pulled herself together …BARELY…. and i went home with wet snot on my shoulder from a practical stanger! what triggered this melt down??? good question but i suspect that part of it was from pms but still CAN WE GET A GRIP???? I MEAN COME ON!!!!!  she’s what 20 years old? 19? whatever. i dont know but im sure that this wasnt her first visit from aunt flo (if you know what i mean), if she doesnt know how to control herself now, i dont think she ever will…..*sigh* i love first-day-on-the-job-days. 

cmon, come in. im on the case.


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