a mothers love

May 13, 2007 at 9:57 pm (celise downs, Irish)


in honor of mothers day, i spent the day with irish (chief’s wife, not her real name). shes not my real mom–you all know my story by now, but i somehow feel i the need to repeat myself for the newcomers–but shes like a Mom to me. until chief decides to knock her up, shes got no one else but me to smother Mother. which is cool. im okay with that. mattie, chief’ adopted daughter, is all grown up and living with her husband in hawaii, so truly, she has no one to fuss over but me. which, again, is a nice thing.

anyhow, irish and i went to The Teeter House and experienced a real english tea ceremony. it was so cool! it was like all those times i had fake tea parties when i was little, but with real food and tea. we had what was called “Afternoon Tea”:  Also referred to as ‘Victorian or Low Tea’, it has been marketed in larger hotels inaccurately as ‘High Tea”. Afternoon Tea was the most traditional of the Victorian teas. Usually served in the late afternoon, this tea consisted of small sandwiches filled with cucumbers or potted meats, assorted cheeses, and a pastry of sorts. Our variation includes a pot of tea, traditional scones, assorted finger sandwiches, fresh fruit and candied nuts, and delicately finished with your choice of a plate of petite sweets or a slice of cake.

and then we went shopping because a lot of the stores had special mothers day sales. on sundays, i have my usual karate lesson with chief,  stay for dinner and then chief and i go over “business.” since it was a special day, he decided to skip the business part. fine by me. im still holding a bit of  grudge anyway. 

celise had a great day, too. she bought a car. the copycat. at least she ‘fessed up to it, though. and shes right. i love my Bug. its a perk of the job. it may seem like i complain about irishs over-Momness, but i have to admit that i miss it sometimes. its days like this that i miss abby asher (my foster mother who raised me from the time i was a baby to the age of seven). she reminds me of abby which is probably why i tend to tease chief aboout giving her a baby. even after all this time it still feels a little…raw, like i cant trust that it will last.


so, yeah. ive got issues. maybe even a little baggage. im working thru it.

Ooh, look at that. its almost bedtime…

Cmon, come in. im on the case.


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  1. Alex said,

    Heya, thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    Sounds like you had a fun mothers day with Irish (too bad that’s not her real name, it’d be cool!). I love tea parties/ceremonies. That sounded really fun.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

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