I Spy Friday: The Difference Between Him and Those Other Guys

May 4, 2007 at 10:47 pm (celise downs, Chief, I Spy Friday, some introspection, The Company)


Almost two years ago, you know that I cashed in my Get Out of Hell Free card (see Hello, My Name is…post) and headed to the Valley of the Sun. Okay, well maybe you didn’t know that last part, but I basically left a craptacular old life and started over. Although I owe The Company for helping out with that, Chief (not his real name) was the main reason for getting out. Chief is a beautiful 6’3 Apache Indian, an ex-Navy SEAL, and the owner of Black Hawk Protection Agency. I’m his client and he’s my guardian–so to speak–until I turn 18.

There are companies out there that offer personal protection or security individuals: people who will analyze and protect someones personal business,home or property. Making sure someone is safe in their surroundings. Of course, there are also private investigators that can provide services for the individual (think spousal or matrimonial stuff) or a small business. But that’s not how Black Hawk Protection Agency works. It started with Chief, then the guys from his SEAL unit joined after their tour was up, and now he’s in charge of almost ten guys.

And they protect children, ages 4 to 19.

Children born of famous actors, actresses, visiting dignitaries, and billionaries.

And a then-15 yr old girl who’d sold her soul to the devil The Company for a new life.

In Celise’s words, “He’s the Vaughn to your Sidney.” (Can we say, too much Alias, boys and girls?)

I never watched the show, but it was one of her favorites and she explained what she meant.

So, yeah. I like it. Cool.



  1. Pete Haskins said,

    I like this article. Well done Draven, it was a fun read. One time a few years ago I hired a private investigator because I thought my wife was cheating on me. Well, it turned out that cheating spouse of mine was. So, the judge gave everything to me during the divorce investigation and I ended up hooking up with a 19 year old hottie. Booyah!

  2. Pete Haskins said,

    ooops, I didn’t link the word private investigator properly. haha

  3. Draven said,

    Um. Congrats on the divorce settlement? But really, hooking up with a 19 yr old hottie wouldn’t be considered a Booyah Moment if you were old enough to be her father. Then that would be more like a See You in Jail, You Perv Moment.

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