One down, two more to go…

May 31, 2007 at 5:46 pm (A Whole Latte Trouble, book stuff, Book Two, celise downs, The Series)


she did it! im so proud of her. celise finished the first 66 pages of my story by the deadline today. i know she blogged about it because something like this would be considered blogworthy.

 the next deadline is aug 31st. i know she can do it, but send some good writing mojo her way, wouldja?

cmon, come in. im on the case.


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Memorial Weekend

May 29, 2007 at 5:41 pm (celise downs, Movieland)


hope everyone had a good holiday. celise’s hubby was gone all weekend so we hung out, cleaned house, went to see some movies. we saw pirates on saturday and then went to see shrek three with her best friend, amy, on monday. i like her. she’s good people. but now, it’s time to go back to school. thank god its a short week.

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I Spy Friday: How to Become a Snitch for The Company

May 25, 2007 at 10:47 am (I Spy Friday, The Company)


for the record, here’s the official statement on The Company’s use of informants:

The courts have recognized that the government’s use of informants is lawful and often essential to the effectiveness of properly authorized law enforcement investigations. However, use of informants to assist in the investigation of criminal activity may involve an element of deception, intrusion into the privacy of individuals, or cooperation with persons whose reliability and motivation may be open to question.

Although it is legally permissible for the The Company to use informants in its investigations, special care is taken to carefully evaluate and closely supervise their use so the rights of individuals under investigation are not infringed. The Company can only use informants consistent with specific guidelines issued by the Attorney General that control the use of informants.”

so, about that specific guidelines thing? couldnt tell you what those would be. i dont remember reading about them, or having Chief read them to me when I signed my life away started my new life here.  ive heard they sometimes use teenagers to help them catch online predators. they teach their agents how to talk like teenagers in chat rooms and stuff. doubt they get paid for it. they probably get like a plaque or a certificate. something lame like that.

in my case, you have to upstage The Company. You have to make them look bad, and make their agents seem like bumbling idiots like that inspector dude from the pink panther movies. should The Company ever approach you and offer you a position as a snitch informant, you will want to haggle: “if you want me to do this for you, you have to do something for me.” and make sure its something big. and realistic. i mean, they cant make it so you dont have to pay taxes for the rest of your life. you would have to do something mongo like save the world. but they could buy you a car, a really expensive vacation or college tuition for all 4 years. or, ya know, a whole new life somewhere else (but this might depend on how long theyve been after the criminal in question).

so, stay tuned for next friday when I post a Snitch Tip.

cmon, come in. im on the case.

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jordin rocks!

May 23, 2007 at 6:58 pm (TVLand)


did you guys watch ai last night? did jordin ROCK THE HOUSE or what? i loved all of her outfits and how she did her hair. i even got a little teary eyed at the end cuz she got a little emo too.

O.M.G. i really, really, really, really, really hope she wins. ill be watching the 2 hr finale tonite.

cmon, come in. im on the case

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flipping the birdie…okay, not really

May 23, 2007 at 6:30 pm (celise downs, In the News, some introspection)


celise sent me this article today. shes funny that way. sending me articles that she thinks i should read. she says her mother used to do that with her and her older siser when they were living by themselves. she still does it, actually, she just saves the newspaper for them when they go over to visit. lol. i like celises parents. theyre great.

 so it seems that celise is getting into the habit of sending them to me now. like some kind of family tradition or something. so, yeah, for the record my ring finger is longer than my index finger. but im good at both subjects. so does that mean im special? or just a freak of nature?

what about you?

cmon, come in. im on the case.

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May 23, 2007 at 6:05 pm (events, Party Gurl, Rico Suave, school stuff)


sorry this hasnt come sooner but ive been way too busy for my own good! you’d think being a teenager is all fun and dandy,  just full of house parties and countless hours wasted in front of the tv; but that’s not the case when you have a job (the real job, not the secret job)!! anyway, i did get to break away from the working world a couple of weeks ago and i went to my prom. it was at this beautiful hotel here, the Sheraton Cresent. sadly i didnt have a date so i went with Party Gurl and Rico Suave!! my dress was white with black polka dots, it fell right above the knee and had this fishnet lace thingy at the botton to make the dress all poofy! (wow i sure do have a way with words huh!! lol!) there was black lace around the upper stomach area that wrapped around to the back as well. it had one inch thick straps (dont dig the strapless). and my hair was in a million curls of all different sizes. i know that sounds kind of weird but i actually looked cute!! my shoes were all blinged out and the matched my “beyonce bling” i had on my wrist and around my neck!! but let me tell you five minutes into the dance those puppies were OFF!!!!  lol!!!!

i had alot of fun but i wouldnt have minded better music though. i mean the only music djs play at dances is mostly rap. and our prom was no exception!! but this rap wasnt the okay-this-has-a-beat-i-can-follow-without-looking-like-the-hoochies-in-the-videos rap. no this was the type of rap music that sounds like they are speaking in tongues for the holy ghost, except with every curse word you could think of! the kind of songs that you can dance to in your car but when you stand up, your feet have no idea whats going on!!! 😀 needless to say i didnt dance as much as i wanted to. but when i did dance…I GOT DOWN!!! LOL!!!!  no one really expects that from the “innocent girl” but as you and me both know….im not that innocent!!! overall the prom was hot, sweaty, crowded, but it was the most fun ive had in a while!!!

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a little bummed

May 21, 2007 at 10:15 pm (agent search, book stuff, celise downs, The Series, TVLand)


celise got another rejection today. she really doesnt look forward to getting those self addressed stamped envelopes in the mail. the news is never been good.

 the good news is that another agency requested to see the full MS.

 the bad news is that she really didnt want to send it out knowing it needs to be revised. shes working on it. Really, she is. she just needs one agent to say, “yeah, okay, it might need some work. but we can deal with that.” i mean, c’mon. its a great story. im a great story. im not vain. Really. just tootin’ my horn. And Celises.

the even badder news? its the season finale of “Heroes” tonight. One of her favorite shows.


yeah. it’s a Monday.

c’mon, come in. im on the case.

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jordin’s a finalist!

May 17, 2007 at 8:57 pm (celise downs, TVLand)


OH. SNAP.  our hometown girl is in the finals!! whoooo-hoooo! celise was shocked that melinda got booted off. you know what i say to that?

“hah. that’s what you get for not rooting for your hometown girl.”

im hooked on this show. about as hooked as celise is obsessed about smallville, supernatual and heroes.

i hope she wins.

cmon, come in. im on the case

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a mothers love

May 13, 2007 at 9:57 pm (celise downs, Irish)


in honor of mothers day, i spent the day with irish (chief’s wife, not her real name). shes not my real mom–you all know my story by now, but i somehow feel i the need to repeat myself for the newcomers–but shes like a Mom to me. until chief decides to knock her up, shes got no one else but me to smother Mother. which is cool. im okay with that. mattie, chief’ adopted daughter, is all grown up and living with her husband in hawaii, so truly, she has no one to fuss over but me. which, again, is a nice thing.

anyhow, irish and i went to The Teeter House and experienced a real english tea ceremony. it was so cool! it was like all those times i had fake tea parties when i was little, but with real food and tea. we had what was called “Afternoon Tea”:  Also referred to as ‘Victorian or Low Tea’, it has been marketed in larger hotels inaccurately as ‘High Tea”. Afternoon Tea was the most traditional of the Victorian teas. Usually served in the late afternoon, this tea consisted of small sandwiches filled with cucumbers or potted meats, assorted cheeses, and a pastry of sorts. Our variation includes a pot of tea, traditional scones, assorted finger sandwiches, fresh fruit and candied nuts, and delicately finished with your choice of a plate of petite sweets or a slice of cake.

and then we went shopping because a lot of the stores had special mothers day sales. on sundays, i have my usual karate lesson with chief,  stay for dinner and then chief and i go over “business.” since it was a special day, he decided to skip the business part. fine by me. im still holding a bit of  grudge anyway. 

celise had a great day, too. she bought a car. the copycat. at least she ‘fessed up to it, though. and shes right. i love my Bug. its a perk of the job. it may seem like i complain about irishs over-Momness, but i have to admit that i miss it sometimes. its days like this that i miss abby asher (my foster mother who raised me from the time i was a baby to the age of seven). she reminds me of abby which is probably why i tend to tease chief aboout giving her a baby. even after all this time it still feels a little…raw, like i cant trust that it will last.


so, yeah. ive got issues. maybe even a little baggage. im working thru it.

Ooh, look at that. its almost bedtime…

Cmon, come in. im on the case.

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say what?

May 9, 2007 at 8:52 pm (In the News, some introspection)


i saw this in the yahoo headlines toda: Study: Young girls more likely to be fat.

so here are my two suggestions:

1) ban barbie. its obvious these girls are spending too much time playing dress up.

2) make p.e. in the schools mandatory. and none of that hokey square dancing crap that celise had to go thru way back in the day. do something with a lot of running around like kickball, raquetball, tennis or volleyball. not that i would know much about this P.E. thing, seeing as how i was homeschooled and now attend a charter school. but, y’know, ive heard rumors.

 im just sayin’.

C’mon, come in. im on the case.

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