Hello, my name is…

April 28, 2007 at 8:12 pm (A Royale Pain, Book One, celise downs, The Company, The Series)


hey. My name name’s DA, im  16-yrs-old. And im a spy. yeah, okay, not really. im more of a snitch. i mean, i dont travel to exotic places, i dont wear disguises, i dont handle or carry weapons (unless you count my Canon AE1), and i dont work for a top secret agency. well, three out of four isnt bad. let me explain.

you see, i was abandoned by my biological parents as a baby and i’ve spent all my life in the foster care system. i graduated from high school at the age of 13 (Yay for homeschooling). At 15, i ended up with the Foster Couple From Hell (hereafter referred to as FCFH). i discovered their dirty little secret–the bastards–so i called them out to the local authorities. so, lucky me, when i decided to play tattletale, an agency with three letters (hereafter referred to as The Company) had been investigating the FCFH for years. so, being the good citizen that i am, i decided to help them out. The Company, that is. i cashed in my Get Out of Hell Free card. three months later, i got a new name, a new life…and a paying gig as an informant for The Company.

sooooo, thats about it. thats me in a nutshell. cant tell my friends what i do, so this is my venting place about the world at large. my life in particular.

Cmon on, come in. im on the case.



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