Taking it on the chin

April 29, 2007 at 12:47 pm (A Royale Pain, agent search, Book One, book stuff, Book Two, celise downs, GQ, Party Gurl, The Company, The Series)


so celise received Rejection #37 yesterday. this was from an agent that requested, like, the first 50 pages or something. the first time. and then she requested the full manuscript!


they passed. it’s not anything she hasn’t heard before, y’know?

 “…in many sections, the level of description went too far to keep the novel moving along at the right speed…”

for all you agents out there, she’s working on it. really. but there were some good points, too. she liked me. she really liked me. and she thought Party Gurl and GQ were hysterical. so true. my friends are total riots. but she also thinks celise is a great writer (i do, too. i mean, she wrote about me, didn’t she?) and would be happy to take a second look when it’s been revised. as well as other projects.

like I said, she’s working on it. she knows what has to be done and getting reminder letters about it is probably like tap dancing on a nerve.

in May, she’s going to start writing Book Two. first draft only, of course, and she’s determined to finish it by 11/01. i’ll keep you posted on how she’s doing. its going to be a little difficult for her because she’s not used to deadlines, but she’s going to try real hard. and i’ll help her by kicking her in the boo-tay when she starts slackin’.

ive been so ready for my next assignment to start. i think i did pretty well my first time out, even when i had some unexpected–and unwanted, at first–help. i got to be pampered at a spa for almost a whole day. a high-class spa that famous people visit. they were having some problems, but as you know, i was on the case and wouldnt you know it? problems be-gone.

so, assignment #2. all celise will tell me is that it has something to do with a coffee shop. I don’t particularly like coffee. i prefer tea. chai tea if you wanna get specific. Either way, this should be interesting. hell, i work for The Company. ‘Uninteresting’ is not in their vocabulary.

(rubbing my hands together with glee). im ready, Ms. Author Lady. bring it.

cmon, come in. im on the case.


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Hello, my name is…

April 28, 2007 at 8:12 pm (A Royale Pain, Book One, celise downs, The Company, The Series)


hey. My name name’s DA, im  16-yrs-old. And im a spy. yeah, okay, not really. im more of a snitch. i mean, i dont travel to exotic places, i dont wear disguises, i dont handle or carry weapons (unless you count my Canon AE1), and i dont work for a top secret agency. well, three out of four isnt bad. let me explain.

you see, i was abandoned by my biological parents as a baby and i’ve spent all my life in the foster care system. i graduated from high school at the age of 13 (Yay for homeschooling). At 15, i ended up with the Foster Couple From Hell (hereafter referred to as FCFH). i discovered their dirty little secret–the bastards–so i called them out to the local authorities. so, lucky me, when i decided to play tattletale, an agency with three letters (hereafter referred to as The Company) had been investigating the FCFH for years. so, being the good citizen that i am, i decided to help them out. The Company, that is. i cashed in my Get Out of Hell Free card. three months later, i got a new name, a new life…and a paying gig as an informant for The Company.

sooooo, thats about it. thats me in a nutshell. cant tell my friends what i do, so this is my venting place about the world at large. my life in particular.

Cmon on, come in. im on the case.


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